How to Assemble the Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Here you will see all of the parts  included in your RSP-110 gaming chair.  Start by opening up your five star base Adding each wheel to the ends of your  five star base will allow for easy  mobility.  Once you’ve added all five wheels  flip the base over take your gas  lift and put it into the center of the base.  The gas lift cover will then slide  above the gas lift.  This piece is purely for aesthetics and just for a nice clean visual. Here are list of most expensive gaming chairs you can visit just click on link.

Then take your seat  flip it over and find your mechanism  align your holes with the opening of the  mechanism being towards the back of the  chair or across from your footrest.  Add your washers to all the screws for the mechanism.  First hand tighten all of the  screws to make sure that all holes are  aligned and then tighten all the way  down to make sure you have a good tight  fit.  Take your seat with the mechanism now attached and flip it over to add it  to your gas lift.  Pressure is the only  thing that holds these together. 

Your three screws to attach your back to your  seat require lock washers and washers  for extra stability.  Slide your back inside the mechanism and align your holes.  Just hand tighten so you have  movement and flexibility to add your  arms.  Attach your velcro for a nice clean look.  Start on one side of your arms and  align your holes to attach your arms to  the back and seat of the chair.  her you can also see Gaming Chair with Speaker.

Tighten until snug.  Repeat the steps on the other arms and  end with a nice finishing cap so you  have a good clean look.  Then go back and tighten the screws to make sure your back is in there tight.  Your adjustable a headrest pillow can be  attached through the holes in the back  or even above the headrest.  Your footrest mechanism can be pulled out from  behind and flipped over to put into good  use.  We hope you now enjoy your RSP-110 gaming chair.

Top FREE Viewpoints to Visit in London

You guys know I love a good view point over London  So Sabina from Girl Versus Globe is going to show you some of the best free view points over the city. Today We’re exploring some of the best views of London from above and we’re starting at the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral  And the view is truely amazing!  and completely free.  So for our number 1 tip let’s get started!  St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most popular London Instagram hashtag  So if you do get a chance to come here, definitely do and now we’re making our way from St.  Paul’s over to the Millenium bridge. If you want booking mini cab booking services from UK to any London airport click on link

Which is where our next secret stop is located  Just behind the Tate border. It’s called the Tate Switch House  right now I’m at the Tate Switch House  Which is the new addition to the London Skyline it was built about a year ago  And it’s right behind the Tate Modern it has really amazing views and it completely free also if you are hungry  You can go one floor below and have this delicious breakfast, so yeah  so yeah, breakfast with a view  It’s open acutally quite late on some days so you  And really have a nice beautiful night vista of the London skyline  360 degrees around the building so feel free to take photos in every direction  And now we’re at the Oxo Tower.

There’s two ways to get here either  You can have a lovely very fancy meal, or you can just say hey guys  I’m here for the free viewing platform and they just let you in and views are pretty amazing  so when you’ve done all of those free  Viewpoints over the City head over to Sabina’s channel to watch her mini guide on how to get to the Sky Garden  That’s probably my favorite free view point over the city  But there’s a couple of things that you need to know in order to make sure you actually  Get a spot to get to go to it.

Cool Areas to Visit in London

Everyone knows London  Bridge, Oxford Circus,  Borough Market, but I’m going to show you  some of the coolest areas  around London to check out,  that you’ve probably never heard of.  By the way, if you’re new here, I’m Jess  and I make lots of videos  for people who are coming  to visit London and want  to see the cooler side  of the city. We’re in the area of  Clerkenwell, which has lots  of really good pubs and  restaurants, but the standout  spot is Exmouth Market.  During the week at  lunchtime, there is a pop-up  food market where you can  get a really good affordable  lunch, by the way, make your  way down Spa Fields Lane  if you want a cool little  park to have your lunch in. For London Airport transfer you can visit here for booking

Even if you visit Exmouth  Market when it’s not lunchtime,  on a weekday, there ar e  tons of really great food  and drink spots as well  as shops to check out  while you’re here. London Fields is in East  London, and it’s a favorite area  amongst Londoners. 

Besides all of the great  pubs, bars and restaurants  that you can check out around  here, you can head down  to Regents Canal and go  for a cycle or a walk  along the river. This is also where the  world famous Columbia Road  flower market is.  It happens on Sundays.  It does get really busy so  once you’ve checked it out,  and you’ve had enough,  make sure you head over  to Ezra Street and get  yourself some oysters  or a pint while you sit  on the sidewalk and enjoy  with the rest of the Londoners.

During the Windrush hour in the 50s, much of what became  the British Afro-Caribbean  population settled here  in Brixton, so this is  the best place to come  if you want African or Caribbean cuisine.  I’d recommend heading to  Brixton Village or Market Row.  That’s where you’ll find those places.  You’ll also see a bunch of boutique shops  and other types of restaurants too.

Do me a favor, write down in the comments  if you’re now going to  visit any of these areas  that I just talked about and don’t forget,  before you come to visit London,  watch one of my other many  London tip videos.  They’ll help you to get  the most out of your visit. By the way, make your  way down Spa Fields Lane,  a bug just flew in my eye.