VIP Pictures World Beach Towel

The best beach towel is the towel that expresses our personality and preferences. And the ideal way to have a beach towel that represents you is to have a personalized beach towel made for you.

And this is where this model that we offer comes in. It’s up to you to decide what your towel should look like, not just looking for the one you like the most, or the one you don’t like.

When you choose a personalized beach towel, you can be sure of one thing, you can go around all the beaches in the world, no one will have the same towel as you, which is great news for people. who hate wearing the same thing as the neighbor?

It is also a great gift idea if you want to please someone with a gift that you have specially designed for them.

In terms of dimensions, it is a medium size beach towel, with a length of 140 cm and a width of 70 cm. It weighs approximately 395 grams and should therefore not weigh down your bag or suitcase.

If you are looking for originality, you will surely find it in this simple beach towel. With a generation that loves taking selfies, it’s really the ideal accessory to have very good ones.

Good points

A selfie towel: It is truly THE towel for beach selfie fans. You don’t even have to use the filters on your phone to have a nice modern photo frame.

Intense colors: It’s quite surprising to see the intensity of the black and red colors on a beach towel. In addition, even with successive washes, they will not be seen to extinguish quickly.         

Negative points

Short length: With only 140 cm in length, you cannot put yourself entirely on it unless you do less. It’s a bit restrictive when you want to take a picture of your entire body on it.

BigMouth Beach Towel

If you are looking to buy a beach towel that perfectly embodies the spirit of summer, then this pineapple beach towel is for you. Indeed, what better way to represent the freshness that we all look for during the summer when we go to the beach. Thanks to this beautiful and inexpensive towel, you will stand out on the beach this summer!

It is a large polyester towel that is 152 cm in diameter.

It is gentle enough for the skin because we understand perfectly the importance of having a beach towel that is soft enough to not irritate your skin, especially if you belong to this category of people who, even knowing that great exposure to the sun is not good for the health of their skin, can’t help but lie in the sun for hours hoping to get that perfect tan.

It also retains less sand than cotton, which means that after having used it, and left in contact with the sand all day if you wish, a small blow will be enough to remove almost all of the sand that s was stuck to it, so you can put it back in your bag without being afraid of finding it full of sand later.

If you are looking for where to buy the best beach towel, this is probably the model for you. We are talking not only about quality, but above all about originality. You wouldn’t even suspect it’s a towel by the photo.

Good points

An original and offbeat design: Pineapple-shaped, this towel seduces with its originality. You can sunbathe in style and bring that touch of madness with you to the beach or the pool.

A pleasant feeling to the touch: In addition to being original, this towel is very soft to the touch. You will feel like on a cotton sheet on it while enjoying its absorbent effect on the beach.         

Negative points

A somewhat restrictive form: For some people, the shape which is an asset of this towel can become a disadvantage especially when you have a fairly large size and you do not want to touch the sand.