Top travel tips for your visit to London

Top Tip number one. Travel around London with  a Visitor Oyster card.  A Visitor Oyster card is a smartcard with  pay as you go credit that allows you to travel  on most public transport in London.  Buy a Visitor Oyster card online before you  leave, and have it delivered to your home.  Pay as you go fares with a Visitor Oyster  card are cheaper than buying paper single tickets.  Your card is ready to use as soon as you arrive  in London,  which means you won’t have to queue to buy a ticket.  Plus you can enjoy special offers and discounts  at restaurants, galleries, and shops across London.  You can also use your contactless debit or  credit card to pay as you go  on London’s public transport.  Overseas transaction fees may apply. For airport transfer services you can also use Gatwick Airport Shuttle Service in very reasonable price.

Top Tip number two. Touch in and out on the  yellow card readers.  Always touch your Oyster or contactless payment  card on the yellow card readers  using the same card at the start and at the  end of your journey to pay the right fare.  If you don’t touch in or out, you will be  charged a maximum fare.  When travelling on buses or trams, only touch  in with your card on the yellow reader as you get on.  Don’t touch out as you get off. 

Top Tip number three. Travel outside of the  busiest times if you can.  The busiest times to travel in London are  between eight and nine in the morning and  five thirty to six thirty in the evening,  Monday to Friday.  If you are able to travel outside these times,  you could enjoy a quicker and more comfortable journey,  especially if you’re carrying heavy  luggage or a rucksack or travelling in a group. 

Top Tip number four. Stand on the right and  move along the platform.  When using the escalators at stations you  should always stand on the right and hold  onto the handrail, leaving as much space as  possible for people in a hurry.  Once you get onto the platform always stand  behind the yellow line and move along the platform,  where more space will be available  and it will be easier to board the next train. 

Top Tip number five. Travel differently.  Create special memories by discovering London  by bike, from the air, by river, or on foot.  See a different side of London by cycling  for as little as £2 with Santander Cycles,  London’s self-service, bike-sharing scheme.  Take to the air with Emirates Air Line, London’s  cable car, offering spectacular views of the city,  and only 15 minutes from central London.  Or take a scenic boat trip along the River  Thames and cruise through the heart of the capital.  Alternatively, walking in central London is  a great way to get around and experience the city.  You’ll find that there are plenty of street  maps to help you get around,  and it could be quicker than taking the Tube or the bus. 

Transport for London

Dial-a-Ride began in about 1980 as a charity set up by disabled people  for disabled people who weren’t able to use mainstream public transport.  We now complete a million trips a year with 300  drivers  and a fleet of approximately 300 buses.  So we have two types of driver  attendant –  we have what we call peak hours drivers  and all hours drivers.  So our peak drivers work Monday to Friday  in the hours between 8am and 6pm,  our all hours drivers pick up the unsocial hours  at weekends and evenings and early  mornings, so we can provide a service  around the clock for our users.  When you’re doing shift work I can’t  think of another job that has the same  work life balance as this.

 I pretty much do 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday  and so I get to see my young children  and I get to, you know, take them out places  do things with them so it’s an excellent job for that,  it’s one of the reasons why I  wanted to join.  A typical shift would be  you tend to come in early in the morning and  then you’ll come out to your bus  do your vehicle checks  and then take your bus out onto the road,  go pick up and drop off the passengers,  on average, it’s difficult  to say, but I’d say 15 to 20 a day  hand in your paperwork and go home. 

Well I’ve been here 8 years now,  so every day is different  and it’s a joy to pick up the customers,  to interact with them  and to give them joy because  they’re so grateful for the service.  The service is really good, very helpful,  very nice of them to offer this.  Every driver is so nice and takes care of us so much.  It’s a very extremely rewarding job  For example I have a lady that I pick up and she says  nearly every week, if it wasn’t for Dial-a-Ride,  I wouldn’t be able to do my shopping  and I’d probably be in a home.  Sometimes we are the only people they see  for the whole week,  we’re the only people they talk to for the whole week  and for them to get out the house  and with the free service that we offer  they love it.  It’s bringing them joy, gives me joy.  For going to airport you can also use use Heathrow airport transfers service in reasonable price.

And you know, it’s vice  versa, so it’s a very rewarding job.  So if I didn’t have them, I would be lost to be honest.  For me all the drivers are my friends, they are always cheerful.  The new training course is very, very  in-depth  we look at safeguarding vulnerable passengers  and how we can best meet the needs  of people suffering varying symptoms.  We look at hazard  perceptions, raising the level of driving  dealing with other road users, manual  handling, first-aid course,  so it covers everything, a wide variety of subjects.  It lasted 1 week in the classroom and then another 2 weeks on the road. 

The most challenging part of the job  I would say – the driving,  with the roads being the way they are,  they’re extremely busy  and then the other road users.  So really the role is not just looking at at driving skills  it’s about having  amazing passenger skills to communicate  with people from different backgrounds  with different needs  to listen to their problems  and provide a bit of social interaction  with them they may not have. 

Some mistakes you’ll make in London

If it’s your first time to London and you are feeling a little bit nervous  don’t worry I’m gonna tell you about the common problems and mistakes that people run into  during their first few days here so that you don’t make them yourself!  And I asked some of our community members in the ‘Local Guide to London’s’ Facebook group  what they ran into when they first came to London, so they’ve helped me out with some of these answers. In London airport to any whre in london book cheap cab London,

The first one comes from Geneva, who said: “I tried to see so much in six days that I spent a lot of time  going from one end of London to the other in one day… spending a lot of time on the tube or buses,  instead of appropriately planning my days around the area I was in or nearby.”  Geneva this is very common don’t worry a lot of people do this!  When you’re planning out your itinerary for a day and you want to get between each of the things  you want to do and see, use the ‘Citymapper’ app   or you could use ‘Google Maps’ as well,  to figure out how long is gonna take you to get in between each of the things you want to do. 

Also, make sure that you adjust for the   time that you’re going to be travelling,  because it will likely take you longer during rush hour,  so just adjust that in the map so it can give you a bit more of an accurate timing.  The absolute best way to make sure you’re not spending a lot of time on public transportation each day in London is to pick one or two close by areas to explore.  That way you can just walk to each of them and do your exploring that way, instead of having to hop on the tube  or on a bus and spend loads of time on that every day.  The next tip comes from John who said:  “Our biggest mistake by far was not pacing ourselves.

On one hand, we saw a ton of sights.  However, we were exhausted by the time we hit Paris.  Pace you, London ain’t going anywhere!”   I’m always telling you guys not to over plan  your visit here. I get it there’s so many amazing things you want to make sure you do and see  and you only have a limited amount of time, but i’m telling you if you’re dealing with jetlag,  if you’re on public transportation all the time,  that’s gonna wear you out if you’re doing   lots of miles of walking  you’re gonna be really tired   and that’s not gonna be so enjoyable  don’t forget this is your vacation and you want to have a good time and be relaxed and not exhausted.

 Another reason i say not to over plan is  you want to make sure you leave time for things that you discover once you arrive.  You might be walking around, one day and see  a museum that you’d actually like to spend a couple of hours in or a shop that you want to go check out…  but if you’ve over planned your visit and you have to get from place to place pretty quickly,  you won’t have any time to find these little hidden gems that you’ve discovered along the way  and in my opinion   those are some of the best parts of London!  So give yourself a chance to experience some of these great moments.  By the way, this video is part of   my three days in London series  which will help you to have a great first 72 hours in London and it’s to celebrate my new  “Three days in London Itinerary”,  I’ll tell you more about that towards the end of the video!  Okay Rob said: “For me a planned activity on the first day was a mistake.  After a red-eye flight in economy and a 7 am arrival at Heathrow, it was a bit rough.  Better to just explore the first day and play it by ear.” 

Top FREE Viewpoints to Visit in London

You guys know I love a good view point over London  So Sabina from Girl Versus Globe is going to show you some of the best free view points over the city. Today We’re exploring some of the best views of London from above and we’re starting at the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral  And the view is truely amazing!  and completely free.  So for our number 1 tip let’s get started!  St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most popular London Instagram hashtag  So if you do get a chance to come here, definitely do and now we’re making our way from St.  Paul’s over to the Millenium bridge. If you want booking mini cab booking services from UK to any London airport click on link

Which is where our next secret stop is located  Just behind the Tate border. It’s called the Tate Switch House  right now I’m at the Tate Switch House  Which is the new addition to the London Skyline it was built about a year ago  And it’s right behind the Tate Modern it has really amazing views and it completely free also if you are hungry  You can go one floor below and have this delicious breakfast, so yeah  so yeah, breakfast with a view  It’s open acutally quite late on some days so you  And really have a nice beautiful night vista of the London skyline  360 degrees around the building so feel free to take photos in every direction  And now we’re at the Oxo Tower.

There’s two ways to get here either  You can have a lovely very fancy meal, or you can just say hey guys  I’m here for the free viewing platform and they just let you in and views are pretty amazing  so when you’ve done all of those free  Viewpoints over the City head over to Sabina’s channel to watch her mini guide on how to get to the Sky Garden  That’s probably my favorite free view point over the city  But there’s a couple of things that you need to know in order to make sure you actually  Get a spot to get to go to it.

Cool Areas to Visit in London

Everyone knows London  Bridge, Oxford Circus,  Borough Market, but I’m going to show you  some of the coolest areas  around London to check out,  that you’ve probably never heard of.  By the way, if you’re new here, I’m Jess  and I make lots of videos  for people who are coming  to visit London and want  to see the cooler side  of the city. We’re in the area of  Clerkenwell, which has lots  of really good pubs and  restaurants, but the standout  spot is Exmouth Market.  During the week at  lunchtime, there is a pop-up  food market where you can  get a really good affordable  lunch, by the way, make your  way down Spa Fields Lane  if you want a cool little  park to have your lunch in. For London Airport transfer you can visit here for booking

Even if you visit Exmouth  Market when it’s not lunchtime,  on a weekday, there ar e  tons of really great food  and drink spots as well  as shops to check out  while you’re here. London Fields is in East  London, and it’s a favorite area  amongst Londoners. 

Besides all of the great  pubs, bars and restaurants  that you can check out around  here, you can head down  to Regents Canal and go  for a cycle or a walk  along the river. This is also where the  world famous Columbia Road  flower market is.  It happens on Sundays.  It does get really busy so  once you’ve checked it out,  and you’ve had enough,  make sure you head over  to Ezra Street and get  yourself some oysters  or a pint while you sit  on the sidewalk and enjoy  with the rest of the Londoners.

During the Windrush hour in the 50s, much of what became  the British Afro-Caribbean  population settled here  in Brixton, so this is  the best place to come  if you want African or Caribbean cuisine.  I’d recommend heading to  Brixton Village or Market Row.  That’s where you’ll find those places.  You’ll also see a bunch of boutique shops  and other types of restaurants too.

Do me a favor, write down in the comments  if you’re now going to  visit any of these areas  that I just talked about and don’t forget,  before you come to visit London,  watch one of my other many  London tip videos.  They’ll help you to get  the most out of your visit. By the way, make your  way down Spa Fields Lane,  a bug just flew in my eye.  

Ground Handling Equipment Pooling At London Luton Airport

We have two ground handlers here.  It used to be that we had two sets of  everything on the one stand and it was  very congested and there was just equipment everywhere.  Everybody recognised the problem,  the airlines recognised it and  most importantly the ground handlers recognised it.  We invited equipment providers to work out for us  how we could achieve just having shared assets on the  stands.  TCR were the company that were awarded that contract.  TCR is actually a company that specialises in full fleet  management services, meaning rental maintenance and fleet management.  Over recent years there is more and more congestion  at airport’s, so it actually grew for us to  come up with innovative ideas to  reduce these kind of problems.  For Luton airport transfer services just click on link

The biggest challenge we faced in all of this process  was the concept of sharing the same equipment.  We did that through the use of telematics.  Instead of running around collecting the steps  and all the other equipment to bring  to the stand from other stands and  going from the other side of the airport to here,  everything’s there ready to pull on.  It’s really, really good.  The turn around process is much slicker. 

A bit more like Formula One if you like,  when a car goes into the pit stop.  The moment that aircraft is stopped and  chocked, the turnaround process begins.  The stand is fully dressed we’re ready to go.  The real winner in this is the passenger.  The more efficient the turnaround process  the sooner they get about their own business.  The more efficient we are on the ground,  the better the price of your ticket. 

There’s nobody around the world that has taken this  as far as we have.  We’ve had airports like Sydney Airport, Singapore, New Zealand  come here to see the benefits.  We’re happy to show them and we’re happy to share this  because if this improves industry – it is good for us.  LLA has a really good history of innovation.  We’re not an organisation for sitting around  waiting for somebody to show the way  We prefer to lead it. 

Noise Insulation Scheme At London Luton Airport

The Noise Insulation Scheme was set up  as part of the planning conditions for our redevelopment.  We donate  into a fund for property owners in the local area  to insulate their property.  We put in secondary glazing,  high-performance double glazing and  ventilation units up to a cost of £3,000 per property.  We will get in contact with those that have been selected each year.  By adding noise insulation it means  they can get a bit of a  break inside their homes  and also the ventilation units mean they don’t have to  open their windows to get fresh air into the house. F.or airport transfer services just click on link

The areas we are tageting at the moment  are those closest to the airport in both Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.  I’ve had new windows in with the new widths in the panes  which will reduce the noise and then they are going to  put in ventilation units which drag air in  and the one above takes it out  which creates circulation in the room and means  I can have all the windows shut in the summer when it gets hot  and the room will still be cool and the noise will be shut out. 

It’s a great idea. How can you complain about noise if you have been given an opportunity  to decrease that noise and you don’t take it.  I don’t get that!  The scheme is great. I’m so pleased to get it.  I’ve been told that there will be a follow-up  later on in the year just to see everything is alright  which is a good thing as well.  The airport took it all on and is doing all the work  and supplied everything. 

It’s fantastic really to think that the airport do that.  As a growing airport we know  our operations can have an impact on our local communities and we’re trying our  best to reduce those impacts as much as possible and be a good neighbour.  The Noise Insulation Scheme is just one way that we’re trying to do that. 

Transport to Airport

If you have been in the airport, waiting for public transport, and loads, you should make sure you get a car to lift you from airplane and bring you to the hotel, wherever you go. When planning a vacation, you are having all the booking of air tickets to the hotel rooms, but not always reluctant to consider moving from the airport to the hotel. After a long flight, instead of directing to the hotel room to relax, you are standing on the street waiting for taxis to show. Renting a car service, however, is much easier than transporting the public.

Buraq services are available at all terminal. These are driven by driving, a private car that is not kept on the web. Management is not limited to private flights; can also be used to ports again.

Transport services solve one of the world’s largest travel solutions and ports, safely and safely transport. After a long and difficult adventure with air or sea, a relaxing and high-quality car is a necessity to take one at a hotel or a home. The seller can rest and rest on a journey, as all the comfort and resources available to the technology are available, as expected from this management position.

At the time of the hosting, it is very important that you need to drive a rental car to use the city’s movement, to arrive at the airport for a while. It’s safe and easy to book one of the taxis. The car hire service services will drive you out of your home, office or hour and safely transport you to town or to the port. Also, the guarantee of access to a destination is temporarily.