Gaming GT black and red

The Gaming GT Bultaco is also another option that the brand shows in order to please the most demanding gamers. It offers the comfort and resistance necessary to be able to play without problems for long hours, and so that it is in use for long years.

General characteristics

It is made of ultra-resistant micro-perforated synthetic leather so that friction wear is not a problem. Its armrests are adjustable in height and rotations so that being able to support the arms is as comfortable as possible. Also the inclusion of a cushion for the lumbar area and one for the cervical area will help protect the back and neck of those who use it.

Likewise, it stands out that it has an adjustable recline of 90 and 135 degrees, along with anti-scratch wheels. It has a height of between 126 and 134 centimeters in height, a width of 55 centimeters, a seat depth of 52 centimeters and a weight of 22 kilos. So it is recommended for users who do not exceed 100 kilos and with a height between 1.60 meters and 1.80 meters. for more best gaming chairs with footrest visit here,


  • It is resistant to friction wear.
  • Its armrests are adjustable both in height and in rotation.
  • It allows the correct position of the back and neck with its cushions.
  • It has an optimal adjustable recline for comfort.


  • It is not recommended for people who weigh more than 100 kilos.
  • Its weight is high, so it takes effort to transport it.

Are Bultaco chairs comfortable?

Regarding their comfort, details such as the cushions of the lumbar and cervical areas, as well as their armrest technology and the reclining of the seat make them very considerable options to buy.

Best Ergonomic Chairs to Avoid Back Pain

It is no secret to anyone that most of the time the body remains seated ; whether we are working, studying and even resting. This makes searching a suitable furniture for the spine an extremely important matter. To avoid future pain, it is good to have an ergonomically designed chair . If you do not know which one will best suit you, here is a list of the best options:

Executive chair with lumbar support

The seat made with resistant materials of first quality is certified by the BIFA . It is equipped with padded fabric seats, a mesh with lumbar support and 360-degree base wheels.

The breathable mesh allows free air circulation for a more comfortable and fresh experience. Fully adaptable to spaces work as offices, boardrooms or even your home.

Striking , modern and ergonomic

Made by a company with many years dedicated to the design and manufacture of computer chairs. It is fully equipped with a lumbar support back, soft foam seat and padded armrests.

Its modern minimalist design makes the time of sitting in it more comfortable and tolerable. The ergonomic, curved design creates a support that spans the entire spine.

Swivel chair anatomical seat

It is a swivel chair completely covered in synthetic leather with padding. The anatomical seat has a mesh that provides additional support while allowing a continuous passage of air.

It is specially created to spend long hours sitting in it. Its comfortable design and alignment adapts to the spine and neck so you can rest.

Padded furniture to avoid back pain

A seat made with the latest in premium quality materials , the same used for the manufacture of industrial quality machines. It is an ergonomic padded and leather-lined seat, which has a design inspired by racing cars.

Of height adjustment and a reclining respado, the chair is a sturdy and comfortable piece that takes your experience in the office or on the computer to another level. It is ideal for spending hours sitting in the most clinically convenient position for your back.

How to Assemble the Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Here you will see all of the parts  included in your RSP-110 gaming chair.  Start by opening up your five star base Adding each wheel to the ends of your  five star base will allow for easy  mobility.  Once you’ve added all five wheels  flip the base over take your gas  lift and put it into the center of the base.  The gas lift cover will then slide  above the gas lift.  This piece is purely for aesthetics and just for a nice clean visual. Here are list of most expensive gaming chairs you can visit just click on link.

Then take your seat  flip it over and find your mechanism  align your holes with the opening of the  mechanism being towards the back of the  chair or across from your footrest.  Add your washers to all the screws for the mechanism.  First hand tighten all of the  screws to make sure that all holes are  aligned and then tighten all the way  down to make sure you have a good tight  fit.  Take your seat with the mechanism now attached and flip it over to add it  to your gas lift.  Pressure is the only  thing that holds these together. 

Your three screws to attach your back to your  seat require lock washers and washers  for extra stability.  Slide your back inside the mechanism and align your holes.  Just hand tighten so you have  movement and flexibility to add your  arms.  Attach your velcro for a nice clean look.  Start on one side of your arms and  align your holes to attach your arms to  the back and seat of the chair.  her you can also see Gaming Chair with Speaker.

Tighten until snug.  Repeat the steps on the other arms and  end with a nice finishing cap so you  have a good clean look.  Then go back and tighten the screws to make sure your back is in there tight.  Your adjustable a headrest pillow can be  attached through the holes in the back  or even above the headrest.  Your footrest mechanism can be pulled out from  behind and flipped over to put into good  use.  We hope you now enjoy your RSP-110 gaming chair.

Vertagear gaming chairs

The Vertagear brand was created by gamers for gamers and started in 2015. All the accessories made by them are made with the highest quality to give the comfort and functionality you are looking for.

They have a high range of gamer chairs, as well as accessories so you have the option that best suits your needs. You can find a model that is perfect for you just a couple of clicks away.

In this article we have compiled the best Vertagear 2020 chairs so you can select the ideal chair.


The SL2000 is a strong and sturdy chair made of fake leather, which is very easy to maintain. It has a beautiful form of sports car seat that does justice to the name of the chair line. It can withstand up to 150kg with its total size of 125 to 135 cm for its height adjustment and has a 53 cm seat.

It comes in many colors which you can choose to your liking. We find the white version that has details in red, blue, green, gray and purple.

And the black version with details in red, blue, green, gray, purple, violet, white, pink and black. It has an ergonomic shape that will allow you to sit properly, which is extremely important if you want to play for long periods of time. Includes 360 degree rotation system and a maximum inclination of 140 degrees.

An excellent example of simple but powerful, its cushions are quite firm and has a sturdy base. It includes a removable head cushion, as well as adjustable armrests and lumbar cushion. The option of the hand rest combined with the height of the chair will allow you to obtain the most appropriate position in front of the computer. If you are looking for a model that is not extremely striking, but visually pleasing and resistant, this is the ideal one for you.


The next model is the SL4000 . This, without a doubt, is quite robust in appearance. The materials in this chair are of the same quality as the SL2000, including the fake leather seat and its sturdy base. Like the previous one, it has the capacity to support 150 kg, which is still enough for the simplest models of this brand. Unlike the SL2000 , it has a slightly wider back which is suitable for people with larger backs.

It comes in a variety of colors to choose from and will give a comfortable touch to your room or office. We find the white version with details in red, blue, green and black. And the black version with details in red, blue, green, white and gray. Its ergonomic shape that includes lumbar and head cushions will help you adopt a good posture while using it while remaining extremely comfortable. It has a slightly lower height than the previous model that goes from 120 to 130 cm given its adjustable quality, just like its arm rests.

Its seat is a bit smaller compared to the SL2000 with its 52 cm, it has a 360 degree rotation like the SL2000 and you can adjust the angle of your back up to 150 degrees. Its strong base gives a great sense of security, and its seat is extremely firm like the previous chair, it is perfect if you are looking for some stiffness in your chair.