How we rated the best beach chairs on the market


In the field of outdoor clothing, there are brands like Coleman which exist since colonial times (or at least it seems that they exist) and other brands like Strongback which are new on the scene and who are actively seeking a generation of more health-conscious consumers. Like just about everyone, we are inclined to give the Colemans of the world a serious look just because they have been doing reliable things for so long. But we are not blind to the new children in the neighborhood. For us, what matters most is the chair, not the name on the side.

Build Quality

Build quality may not seem like such a big deal when it comes to lounge chairs. But if you’ve ever sat in a very well-made chair and then sat in a very poorly made chair, you will understand why we put so much emphasis on construction. The last thing you want at the beach is that the legs of your chair become deformed or the seat material tears or the cheap armrest material gets so hot that it burns your skin. A well-constructed chair – like all the chairs on our list – will do none of this.

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As always, we use customer comments as a point of reference and not as a determining factor. It can be helpful to know if everyone has the same complaint about a chair, so we certainly keep an eye on what’s being said. But at the same time, we insist on testing this type of product ourselves and drawing our own conclusions.


Beach chairs are not the kind of product that will break anyone’s bank. In most cases, they range between $ 25 and $ 75. It may have been a lot in the 70s, but we are no longer in the 70s. And paying around $ 50 for a lounge chair is no more outrageous than paying $ 20 for a pizza. Price is therefore not a determining factor for us. We take note of it and note the Outstanding Value when we see it, but we don’t eliminate or include any chairs solely based on price.

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