Noise Insulation Scheme At London Luton Airport

The Noise Insulation Scheme was set up  as part of the planning conditions for our redevelopment.  We donate  into a fund for property owners in the local area  to insulate their property.  We put in secondary glazing,  high-performance double glazing and  ventilation units up to a cost of £3,000 per property.  We will get in contact with those that have been selected each year.  By adding noise insulation it means  they can get a bit of a  break inside their homes  and also the ventilation units mean they don’t have to  open their windows to get fresh air into the house. F.or airport transfer services just click on link

The areas we are tageting at the moment  are those closest to the airport in both Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.  I’ve had new windows in with the new widths in the panes  which will reduce the noise and then they are going to  put in ventilation units which drag air in  and the one above takes it out  which creates circulation in the room and means  I can have all the windows shut in the summer when it gets hot  and the room will still be cool and the noise will be shut out. 

It’s a great idea. How can you complain about noise if you have been given an opportunity  to decrease that noise and you don’t take it.  I don’t get that!  The scheme is great. I’m so pleased to get it.  I’ve been told that there will be a follow-up  later on in the year just to see everything is alright  which is a good thing as well.  The airport took it all on and is doing all the work  and supplied everything. 

It’s fantastic really to think that the airport do that.  As a growing airport we know  our operations can have an impact on our local communities and we’re trying our  best to reduce those impacts as much as possible and be a good neighbour.  The Noise Insulation Scheme is just one way that we’re trying to do that. 

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