Ride on cars for Kids

Carrier Baghera Speedster plane

The Speedster plane is a real gem! With its look that perfectly imitates a vintage airplane with its propeller at the front, its small wings  with a flag, it can only make your child happy. He will be able to go on an adventure aboard his small plane in order to discover new horizons! The colors chosen for this aircraft carrier brings us straight back to the 1950s because many planes were metallic gray and brown. Here are the metal wagons for kids toys.

Note that this Airplane carrier comes with flags of different countries to choose the one you prefer to put on each wing! Indeed, you have the choice between the flag of France, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Spain, Italy or even Europe . Your little pilot will want to fly away without further ado on his plane carrier.

In order to give your baby a real pilot look, you can buy the Baghera racing set as an extra . This includes a helmet and a pair of glasses. Note that this set can be used with all carriers of the brand.

Twister ladybug carrier

The Baghera Twister carrier is multidirectional and has a ladybug shape . This makes it unique and really too cute! It can be used from 1 year because it is light, very handy and easy to use . It has an ergonomic seat .

Thanks to this ladybug carrier, your little one will be able to learn to move by the force of his legs. Thus, it will strengthen its muscles! This Baghera carrier has non- slip wheels in order to adhere well to the ground to prevent your little one from falling. In addition, it is silent for your enjoyment! you see detail of wagon toys for toddlers,.

This ladybug holder  is easily cleaned with a sponge . In addition, s one installation is a snap because you just have to attach the handle! It exists in pink, red or black .

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