Top FREE Viewpoints to Visit in London

You guys know I love a good view point over London  So Sabina from Girl Versus Globe is going to show you some of the best free view points over the city. Today We’re exploring some of the best views of London from above and we’re starting at the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral  And the view is truely amazing!  and completely free.  So for our number 1 tip let’s get started!  St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most popular London Instagram hashtag  So if you do get a chance to come here, definitely do and now we’re making our way from St.  Paul’s over to the Millenium bridge. If you want booking mini cab booking services from UK to any London airport click on link

Which is where our next secret stop is located  Just behind the Tate border. It’s called the Tate Switch House  right now I’m at the Tate Switch House  Which is the new addition to the London Skyline it was built about a year ago  And it’s right behind the Tate Modern it has really amazing views and it completely free also if you are hungry  You can go one floor below and have this delicious breakfast, so yeah  so yeah, breakfast with a view  It’s open acutally quite late on some days so you  And really have a nice beautiful night vista of the London skyline  360 degrees around the building so feel free to take photos in every direction  And now we’re at the Oxo Tower.

There’s two ways to get here either  You can have a lovely very fancy meal, or you can just say hey guys  I’m here for the free viewing platform and they just let you in and views are pretty amazing  so when you’ve done all of those free  Viewpoints over the City head over to Sabina’s channel to watch her mini guide on how to get to the Sky Garden  That’s probably my favorite free view point over the city  But there’s a couple of things that you need to know in order to make sure you actually  Get a spot to get to go to it.

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