Top travel tips for your visit to London

Top Tip number one. Travel around London with  a Visitor Oyster card.  A Visitor Oyster card is a smartcard with  pay as you go credit that allows you to travel  on most public transport in London.  Buy a Visitor Oyster card online before you  leave, and have it delivered to your home.  Pay as you go fares with a Visitor Oyster  card are cheaper than buying paper single tickets.  Your card is ready to use as soon as you arrive  in London,  which means you won’t have to queue to buy a ticket.  Plus you can enjoy special offers and discounts  at restaurants, galleries, and shops across London.  You can also use your contactless debit or  credit card to pay as you go  on London’s public transport.  Overseas transaction fees may apply. For airport transfer services you can also use Gatwick Airport Shuttle Service in very reasonable price.

Top Tip number two. Touch in and out on the  yellow card readers.  Always touch your Oyster or contactless payment  card on the yellow card readers  using the same card at the start and at the  end of your journey to pay the right fare.  If you don’t touch in or out, you will be  charged a maximum fare.  When travelling on buses or trams, only touch  in with your card on the yellow reader as you get on.  Don’t touch out as you get off. 

Top Tip number three. Travel outside of the  busiest times if you can.  The busiest times to travel in London are  between eight and nine in the morning and  five thirty to six thirty in the evening,  Monday to Friday.  If you are able to travel outside these times,  you could enjoy a quicker and more comfortable journey,  especially if you’re carrying heavy  luggage or a rucksack or travelling in a group. 

Top Tip number four. Stand on the right and  move along the platform.  When using the escalators at stations you  should always stand on the right and hold  onto the handrail, leaving as much space as  possible for people in a hurry.  Once you get onto the platform always stand  behind the yellow line and move along the platform,  where more space will be available  and it will be easier to board the next train. 

Top Tip number five. Travel differently.  Create special memories by discovering London  by bike, from the air, by river, or on foot.  See a different side of London by cycling  for as little as £2 with Santander Cycles,  London’s self-service, bike-sharing scheme.  Take to the air with Emirates Air Line, London’s  cable car, offering spectacular views of the city,  and only 15 minutes from central London.  Or take a scenic boat trip along the River  Thames and cruise through the heart of the capital.  Alternatively, walking in central London is  a great way to get around and experience the city.  You’ll find that there are plenty of street  maps to help you get around,  and it could be quicker than taking the Tube or the bus. 

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