Tricycle for Toddlers

The Smoby Baby Balade 2 tricycle: the modern and secure tricycle

Suitable for children from the age of 10 months for its stroller functionality, the Smoby Baby Balade 2 tricycle is a particularly well-designed model in addition to being attractive in terms of design thanks to its rounded lines and its availability in three colors. different vivid (blue, pink or green). In terms of comfort, impossible to be disappointed, the stroller seat is ergonomic and pleasant with the addition of a headrest and a retractable footrest perfect for baby to rest in peace especially since the wheels are very silent. Additional positive point in this context, it is equipped with an awning to protect his head from the sun. Security level, there is a harness altogether classic, but effective to ensure the maintenance of the child and a wide hoop.

In its tricycle function, this model proves to be just as satisfactory thanks to a handlebar locking system and the presence of a removable and adjustable cane that is perfectly suited to parental guidance during the pedaling learning period. Finally, once the child is autonomous, this tricycle will be a source of endless fun thanks to a cleverly placed tipper where he can deposit his finds. Finally, the little detail that he will necessarily appreciate: a horn that he can use both in tricycle mode and in stroller mode.

Overall this model therefore benefits from a good value for money even if we can regret the assembly which turns out to be quite complex. for more option best tricycles for toddlers.

The Fascol scalable tricycle with 4-in-1 cup holder: a tricycle for all ages

Being able to assume the functions of stroller and tricycle with a total of four mounting possibilities to follow the evolution of the child as closely as possible , this Fascol tricycle is not without interest. In fact, it can initially be used ( from 12 to 24 months ) mainly as a stroller with a suitable seat, a very reliable safety barrier and an adjustable, removable and comfortable guide rod fitted in addition to a holder. cup. In addition, a removable awning is also provided with this model to protect the child from the sun’s rays.

Beyond 24 months, the safety barrier can be removed to give the child more freedom, allow him to learn balance and start to gain confidence. Finally, from 36 months , the parental guide cane can also be disassembled to offer more autonomy to the child who will then manage on his tricycle as on a bicycle.

Level equipment we can note the existence of a device for blocking the pedals to prevent the child from getting caught in the feet when pushed, but also the presence of non-slip on the pedals for more comfort during their usage. Only downside of this model: its design, it is not necessarily very fun and this model currently exists only in blue.

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