Types of baby carrier

Baby carrier: the different existing models 

There are different models of baby carriers, but they are divided into two main types including the wooden and plastic model

Wooden carrier 

The wooden carrier is ecological and durable. High-end wooden frames can last for years if properly maintained. The most durable models are designed with natural wood. 

In the market, you can find articles made of chipboard, but they are not really recommended given the health risks they may present. The European standard does not require the manufacture of baby carriers only with natural wood. You must therefore be very careful when choosing the model for your baby. 

Plastic child carrier 

Plastic baby carriers have an advantage over wooden ones: their lightness. In this way, the toy is easier to move for your baby and to carry for you. Several models are available on the market with different funny shapes in order to develop your child’s imagination. The little ones will start by rolling on board in a straight line, then little by little they will learn to move by maneuvering the direction. 

Vilac forwarder 

Vilac tops the list among the best manufacturers of wooden toys. Vilac carriers are made with high-end quality wood or metal depending on the model. They are available in different colors to the delight of toddlers. You can also see detail about best folding wagons and carts for loading.

Vilac carriers are available in different forms. There is a choice between vintage style cars, tractor carrier, racing car and many more. The metal models resemble the style of the Baghera brand wearers. 

Forwarder Janod  

Janod is also a true leader in the design of wooden carriers. The models designed by the brand have an elegant design. They are also designed with natural and solid wood, which gives them an extreme longevity.  

Some models are adorable such as the fox carrier but also the hippopotamus or the llama. Janod also offers motorcycle and scooter carriers. The combination of colors and the simplicity of the design of the Janod carriers make their charm! 

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